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80-8 industries

Where one goes to find perspective

"I am an Artist, poet and lover of life."


Here at -80-8industries-

the intent is to engage perspectives.

From Geometric/Abstract on canvas to digital photography and

photo manipulation; music production and videography.

This is the platform from which I seek to share idea's,

thoughts and considerations.

If you should so happen to make a purchase of any kind, 

know that it is appreciated, if any of this inspires you on the path of your own journey, then in the end it was worth it.


Take a look around.

Stop by anytime to see what's new.


Welcome Home.

Welcome to the


My name is Carl F. Allen III

I am the creator of "Accidental Art" a perspective driven style of artwork that intentionally engages the way we see the world by asking the viewer what it is they see in each art piece. Each piece is so uniquely detailed, they act like an ink blot test, creating in the viewer an opportunity to reflect on who they are in the moment. Since developing Accidental Art, I have sought to incorporate these ideas in all of my personal and creative endeavors. Join me as I share my feelings, ideas and the artwork that reveals little bits of who I am. Perhaps the more I share pieces of myself, the better I can connect with the world around me.

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Liquid Texture
Where it all begins


-Accidental Art-

A collection of perspective driven digital art pieces, that encompass a range of materials found throughout the world.

All presented as a peek through the looking glass into some of the ways I see it. 


-The Daily Grind-


Here is where we connect with the world, voice our perspectives and join in the cause. 

"The Society of Poets"


create spaces to explore the world around us.


The Jay-Smiley Show

Lets take a ride in the world of

80-8industries through the eyes of the creative power house that built it, all through the mind of the guy he inhabits.

[Coming Soon]

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