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"Steer to escape"




For those who know me, you know, I really love playing with perspective.
However, when ever the opportunity arises to play on both words and perspective,
one cannot resist ideas head on.

This particular pieces is, now more than ever, extremely relevant in how we view our circumstances.

How we lead our livestock to slaughter, has more to say about our inclinations
when under a capitalistic regime than say, when we cultivate our own appreciation for the world,
and nature that has continued to provide for us in abundance as a collective community.

Like the steer that became aware of its impending demise, walking the line to the kill floor,
desperately trying to turn back to the freedom they once known.

We are beginning to see, all brought to us by the ideals of Venture Capitalism and Corporate Control.

So I ask you all, now.
Are we walking the line to our own killing floor,
or are we like the steer finally seeing the truth, and,
daring to escape.?

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